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I'm Ole and I offer you support for the switch to the new Google Analytics 4. Privacy compliant, intelligible and without tracking errors!
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The switch to Google Analytics 4

The next generation of Google Analytics is here! With the change from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) there are new possibilities for marketers and entrepreneurs to evaluate their online performance. As a certified expert, I'll help you make the switch!
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Availability at short notice with flexible consulting hours

As a Google Analytics 4 Freelancer I am spontaneously and individually available for you - without long waiting times.

Google Analytics 4 Certified Individual

As a Google Analytics expert with agency experience, I regularly attend official training sessions on Google Analytics 4.

Individual consulting or one-time analytics setups

I offer tailored advice on, for example, resolving tracking errors or changing your Google Analytics 4 tracking once.

The advantages of Google Analytics 4

With the introduction of Google Analytics 4 on October 14, 2020, many tracking methods have changed compared to Universal Analytics. Although this means a complex adjustment of the tracking setup, it also brings many advantages for website operators:

Data processing through machine learning

Targeted answers to your questions with Analytics Insights
Google has been working on innovative machine learning products for some time, but until now they were only available to enterprise 360 degrees or Google Ads customers.
With Google Analytics 4, however, data processing through machine learning is now also available to small and medium-sized companies with Analytics Insights.
  • Targeted, semantic questions for performance figures
  • Create relevant graphs with one click
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Google Analytics User Tracking

Sustainable data protection according to EU Privacy Shield and GDPR

Future-proof cookies through a new tracking method
Although I work in online marketing, data protection is close to my heart. Personal data should be protected by measures such as DSGVO and cookie banners online as well as offline.
With Google Analytics 4, a new tracking is introduced, which acts future-proof according to court requirements and thus only collects the data to which your users have agreed.
  • New tracking code based on events instead of hits
  • Automatic anonymization of IP addresses and simplified deletion of personalized data

Extrapolation of real figures through modeling

Avoid tracking loss through cookie banners
The use of cookie consent banners ensures data protection, but unfortunately we only see about 60% of our users in Analytics.
Google Analytics 4 offers the possibility to extrapolate the tracking data with modeling and thus provide more accurate data than Universal Analytics.
  • Extrapolation of the analysis data based on machine learning algorithms
  • Data analysis even in a world without cookies
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New Google Analytics 4 Event Tracking

Capture of automatic and user-defined events
By switching from the hit-based Universal Analytics to the event-based Google Analytics 4, some events like scrolling and button clicks will be tracked automatically. If you want to add your own events, they have to be created according to the new Google Analytics 4 event tracking specifications.
  • Automatic capture of many events like clicks & scrolling
  • Defaults for user-defined events for the calculation of user engagement

Focused measures and forecasts

Engagement and lifetime metrics with a focus on the users
In Google Analytics 4, the data is geared even further to the individual user. Instead of metrics such as sessions - users are preferred. The focus is also on engagement and users who actually engage with your content. For this purpose, forecasts are created that give you data about the complete lifetime of the users.
  • Simplified metrics that focus on your users
  • Cross-device forecasts on users over the entire lifetime
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Advanced visualization of data in the exploratory analysis tool

Custom reporting in seconds
In the new analytics tool of Google Analytics 4, you have advanced options for data analysis and reporting. Through segment overlaps, cohort analysis, funnel analysis, and path analysis, you can easily perform very powerful analyses of your data!
  • Make quick ad-hoc requests for business-critical analysis
  • Focus on data that is most relevant to you

Important: Set up Google Analytics 4 now!

From July 2023, the old Universal Analytics will be officially discontinued. In order to have a clean year-on-year comparison, I strongly recommend switching to the new Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible!

Google Analytics 4 Consulting

Tailored Google Analytics 4 consulting e.g. to troubleshoot tracking issues
95 €
Hourly rate

Google Analytics 4 Setup

Setup and change of Google Analytics 4 tracking according to your needs
1,500 €
Individual package

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Ole Gitzbrecht

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