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Moin! I'm Ole, a Technical SEO expert from Hamburg, Germany and I offer you consulting on all technical topics in SEO. Competence from the SEO nerd with +10 years of experience.
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Technical SEO from the expert

As a trained business IT specialist and programmer, I offer you competent assistance in Technical SEO. Regardless of whether it is about the optimization of crawling and indexing, structured data or page speed.

Availability without contract terms

As a Technical SEO freelancer, I am available for you at any time within a flexible quota of hours.

Trained business IT specialist with 10+ years of SEO experience

As a business IT specialist with a coding background and over ten years of Technical SEO experience, I am your competent contact.

Flexible booking at a fair hourly rate

In contrast to a permanent position, you only pay me for the services that are tailored to you. No more. Not less.

Components of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most relevant and complex disciplines in search engine optimization. Therefore it is all the more important to optimize your site technically perfectly!

Technical SEO Basics: Crawlability

Can Google crawl your entire site without errors?
Before your page can be found in the search results, it must first be optimized for the Google Crawler. Unreachable pages, redirects and blockages must be identified and eliminated using a crawling simulation.
  • Find and fix crawling errors
  • Create the principles for indexing the relevant pages
Technical SEO: Crawlability
Site structure navigation & hreflang

Page structure, navigation and hreflang

How is your page structured?
A flat page structure makes it easier for Google and other search engines to crawl 100% of your page.
As a fan of clear and organized structures, I will help you to build your site perfectly, so that each site receives the appropriate amount of authority.
  • Elaboration of a flat navigation and page structure
  • Error-free marking of international variants using the hreflang tags

Rendering and indexing

Can Google display and index your page correctly?
One of the most important disciplines in technical SEO is rendering and indexing:
If Google can crawl all of your relevant pages, the next step is processing. Here it is important to ensure that the crawler can correctly render and index the HTML and JavaScript code.
  • Checking the rendering quality and indexability of your page
  • Optimizing the mobile output through the eyes of the GoogleBot
Technical SEO: Rendering & Indexierung
Thin Content & Duplicate Content

Thin und Duplicate Content

Does your page have duplicate, similar, or irrelevant pages?
If you always write original, unique, and quality content for every page, this topic shouldn't really be a problem for you. Nevertheless, in CMS’s it quickly happens that pages are unintentionally duplicated or empty pages are created. This leads to confusion for the crawler and possible penalties. And nobody wants that!
  • Analysis and de-indexing of defective or duplicate pages
  • Removal of internal keyword cannibalization through similar pages

Page speed optimization of loading times

How fast is your page on a cellular connection?
Nobody is patient for loading bars these days. Together with the mobile network expansion, it is therefore extremely important to make your site as fast as possible - especially with regard to Google Web Vitals.
I will help you so that not only the user, but also search engines can quickly see and process the content of your site!
  • Reduction of server requests, page size and loading times
  • Modern web standards, tailored to your website and your CMS
Page speed optimization of loading times
Structured data with Schema.org

Structured data with Schema.org

Do you enter your properties in a structured manner in the source code?
The characteristics of your site, product and service are often explained within your site in the content. So that these can be processed more easily, there is the option of specifically marking them in the source code and displaying them in a modern way on the search results page. That attracts attention!
  • Perfect selection of the relevant markups for your page
  • Error-free markup of structured data with Schema.org and JSON-LD

What does good Technical SEO Consulting cost?

I am a big fan of transparency. That's why you can find my prices here. You pay for what you need - Technical SEO consulting. No hidden costs or conditions.

Flexible Technical SEO consulting

Long-term consulting on technical search engine optimization of your website
95 €
Hourly rate

Technical SEO audit

One-time technical analysis of your site. Tailored to your requirements.
1,500 €
Single package

Interested? Then let's talk!

Ole Gitzbrecht

Ole Gitzbrecht

Wenn du möchtest, können wir uns gerne unverbindlich unterhalten. Keine Sorge, ich dreh dir nichts an, was du nicht brauchst.

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