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Moin! I'm Ole, an SEO freelancer from Hamburg, Germany and I offer you advice on search engine optimization. Personal. Competent. Honest.
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Advantages of an SEO Freelancer

Instead of an agency or permanent employment, I offer clear advantages as an SEO Freelancer. You don't need to pay for my health insurance. You don't have a months-long notice period. You pay for what you need. Professional SEO advice.
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Available at any time without a contract term

As an SEO freelancer, I am available to you at any time within a flexible quota of hours.

10+ years of SEO in-house and agency experience

I have been working internationally in SEO for over ten years and have gained experience from all conceivable industries.

You only pay for my services

In contrast to a permanent employment, you only pay me for the services that are tailored to you. No more. Not less.
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SEO Freelancer: What I can do for you

SEO does not only stand for "adapting meta tags quickly ", but is one of the most complex disciplines in online marketing. As an SEO freelancer, I support you in all areas!

SEO Analysis

How well is your site optimized?
I analyze your site for critical errors and optimization potential.
In a detailed SEO audit, I’ll create an action plan for you to bring your website up to date in a structured manner.
  • Discover all the SEO potential of your site
  • Action plan with binding timings
Illustration: SEO Website Audit
Technical SEO Audit

Technical optimizations

How does the Google crawler see your site?
The Google Crawler loves efficiency and hates to come across errors and irrelevant pages or to have to wait too long.
As an SEO freelancer, I will help you structure your website perfectly, optimize the loading time and remove unnecessary loads.
  • Detecting, correcting and long-term optimization of errors in indexing
  • Modern web standards for perfect page loading time and crawlability

Keyword strategies

What is your target group looking for?
Before you optimize your pages, you first have to understand your user. It is not enough to just enter a few keywords in the Keyword Planner, but the user intent must be understood.
What does your customer expect when they are looking for your project?
  • Find the right customers for your project
  • Targeted alignment of the relevant keywords
Illustration: SEO Keyword Optimierung
Illustration: SEO Landingpage Optimierung

Landing page optimization

How can the user be convinced?
Having a good landing page for search results is one of the most important disciplines in search engine optimization.
Here the user decides whether he wants to get more information, order, send a contact form or leave your site straight away.
  • Perfect usability for optimized conversion rates
  • Modern web standards for perfect page loading time and crawlability

Content audits & strategies

What does the user want to read?
"Content is king" has been said for 20 years. And yes, it still applies. Nowadays it is more important to deliver the right content to the right place. Dull SEO texts without added value at the bottom of the page no longer work.
  • Create content that is relevant and enthusiastic and not just there
  • Keyword-optimized content strategies for perfect search engine relevance
Illustration: SEO Content Strategie & Audit
Illustration: SEO Linkbuilding Strategie & Audit

Off-Page audits & strategies

How do you get good references?
Although Google would prefer it to be different, link building is still an important measure in SEO.
Nowadays, however, the topic has to be viewed more as a reference management. The more good references your site gets online, the more trust Google will give you and you will rise higher in the rankings. Link-to-link propaganda, so to speak.
  • Clean link profile without toxic references
  • Optimized link building strategy to increase Google power

What does good SEO Consulting cost?

I am a big fan of transparency. That's why you can find my prices here. You pay for what you need. No hidden costs or conditions.

Flexible SEO consulting

Long-term advice in all areas of search engine optimization.
95 €
Hourly rate
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One-Time SEO Audit

Detailed SEO analysis of your site. Tailored to your requirements.
1,500 €
Single package
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SEO Knowledge

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Interested? Then let's talk!

Ole Gitzbrecht

Ole Gitzbrecht

Wenn du möchtest, können wir uns gerne unverbindlich unterhalten. Keine Sorge, ich dreh dir nichts an, was du nicht brauchst.

What are the advantages of an SEO freelancer?

Every company depends on doing SEO. In addition, optimizing organic visibility is not something that can be done with one quick action: you have to readjust from time to time. And the larger the company, the more important it is that there is a dedicated contact person for this task. If you have chosen an SEO freelancer, this enables the company to keep the costs for search engine optimization as low as possible. At the same time, the individual measures will be carried out on a highly individual basis, while when commissioning an agency one is not too seldom fobbed off with unnecessary package deals.

As with any other SEO, the SEO Freelancer aims to optimize the organic visibility of a website in search engines. Unlike a permanently employed SEO manager, the SEO freelancer works as a freelancer on an account and, depending on the intensity of the collaboration, can temporarily assume a role similar to that of the in-house SEOs.
  • SEO Optimizations: You strengthen the competitive position of your website and thus also that of your company. This will give you more customers, make you more money and allow you to grow as a company.
  • Industry know-how: I bring extensive experience from in-house and agencies to my work. You benefit from the concentrated load of my SEO knowledge from numerous industries such as B. Tourism, e-commerce, energy generation, dermocosmetics, job search, finance, and much more.
  • White Hat SEO: The SEO measures I carry out are sustainable, so you can look forward to the results many years later. Still, it's important to stay tuned and check periodically to time to see if further action is needed.
  • Flexible payment: You decide for yourself whether you prefer a monthly flat rate or billing for individual services.
  • Accessibility: Due to the short communication channels, I offer the best accessibility and a service package that is individually tailored to your needs. Spontaneous help is also possible so that you can get support with special SEO problems.
Illustration: Technical SEO - Rendering & Indexierung

Flexible SEO Consulting

Regardless of whether you want me to carry out the individual necessary measures, you can make use of the SEO advice and benefit from my specialist knowledge. In the SEO consultation I will give you recommendations for action based on the analysis results, which also include a competition analysis, which you can also have your own employees carry out if necessary.

For example, the result of the analysis may be that just optimizing the loading time could achieve amazing results in terms of SEO. In yet another case, the focus may be on a keyword strategy. For example, a list of long-tail keywords is compiled for which texts can be created. The SEO analysis may also identify links that do more harm than good to the ranking of the website.

What are the advantages of flexible SEO consulting for companies?

The field of search engine optimization is a broad field that can include technical optimization, the development of keyword strategies, the optimization of landing pages, content strategies, off-page strategies or even relaunch support. Depending on the area in which your company currently needs help, you can let me support you.

I will identify the potential of your websites and tell you which optimization measures are most promising in your case. After we have mutually decided which measures should be carried out and in which time frame, the actual work begins: For example, I will develop a keyword strategy, make appropriate optimizations and send you an informative report at regular intervals. So you always have an overview of what was done and when.

One-time SEO audit

An SEO audit is the analysis or comprehensive check of a website with regard to SEO aspects, whereby the competition analysis is not too short either. An SEO audit is usually sent in the form of a PDF file so that the results are recorded in a way that is understandable and accessible for everyone.

The analysis of the current situation of the website is the basis for all further decisions. Various tools are used to analyze the situation of a website, such as Google tools (Google Analytics and Search Console), but also instruments that play a major role in search engine optimization such as Sistrix, Screaming Frog, etc. In practice, I use a large number of tools, which is why the SEO audit I created will provide comprehensive information about your website.

Only after the current situation has been clarified can a plan for future cooperation be drawn up. Or maybe you need recommendations for action that your own employees should implement? We will discuss how realistic your goals are and modify them if necessary.
Illustration: SEO Seitenstruktur Navigation & Hreflang

What are the advantages of a one-time SEO audit for companies?

Permanent SEOs often become operationally blind after a period of cooperation, so that certain abnormalities do not appear on their radar at all. An SEO freelancer who has already worked on a wide variety of projects will approach the matter as an external person with an unbiased view. Your whole team receives input from a neutral professional and can modify their own SEO measures accordingly.

You can determine for yourself which priorities should be set in the SEO audit. Are you primarily interested in technical optimization potential? Or are you sure that there is currently a lack of a perfect content strategy and would you like an evaluation in this regard?